VLIKE Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd was start from 2009,we have our own brand design and OEM business.From the passed years,we have very successfully experience in this lighting filed.Our products taste,design and quality have reached a very high level.

We believe in "honesty" as our company culture and use it to manage & develop new products,just for the best quality products. We integrate R&D,manufacture,sales,and services of high power lighting together,mainly focusing on designing and developing high quality products with aim to offer customers high quality prodcuts and effective services on time and every time.

Our Commitment to Quality

VLIKE Lighting insists on exceptional quality,we pride ourselves on providing products that meet and surpass customer's expectations.We test them vigorously in the real world to expect the best. Our unwavering commitment to excellence begins by listening to you and follow the words.

Our Commitment to the Environment:

To keep all of natures like animals,forests,oceans etc,we want to preserve this wonderful world for generations to come.We are commited doing our part right now to conserve it,by recycling,reducing waste and conserving energy.We've never stopped to innovating and improving products.We strongly believe that we owe it to ourselves,and to our industry,to do whatever we possibly can do to protect and save environment. In long run,we will keep pace with the world,continue to develop the innovative and excellent new products to meet the growing demand in the market for cost effective energy saving prodcuts